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Prepaid Meters Australia

etail and office parks may operate on a sectional basis where each section of the complex is owned by a different owner or they, more often than not, are owned by a single owner who then lets the various sections of the complex to commercial tenants. The situation regarding risk in such an environment is not far removed from that of the But-to-Let Property Investors circumstances and that of the problems faced with revenues collection management by the Body Corporate.

In both situations the owner of the property or the section remains liable to settle mortgage installments and utility bills or face penalties. Late or non-payment of rent or utilities can present significant risk to the property owner, increasing costs and reducing profitability.

As with residential body corporate environments, owners of retail and office park environments must also consider how they will collect revenues for utilities consumed in the common or public spaces of the complex.

Similarly retail and office parks are normally metered by means of a bulk-meter where the utility is supplied at a discounted tarriff.

Our prepaid meters and prepaid metering solution is available in single and three-phase configurations, providing the ideal solution for utilities revenues collection management in retail and office park environments. Installed as sub-meter devices at the mains distribution board located within each section or area, our prepaid meters can be used to accurately meter and govern the utility supply to he different shops or offices.

Once installed our prepaid meters and metering system ensures that all owners or their tenants are required to prepay for utility before being supplied. The result is an immediate improvement in the cashflow of the property owner. Furthermore, installation of our prepaid meters and metering solution obviates the need for independent meter reading services and the cost associated with the service. In addition to these benefits, the problem of paying for utility consumption on common or public areas of the complex is also resolved because of the difference is tariff rate between bulk-supply and the agreed commercial supply tariff.

Our prepaid meters solutions accommodate differences in contractual utility supply tarriffs between the office or retail park owner and different tenants. Enabling property owners or managers in commercial environments to align themselves with varying customer utility needs and contractual differences.

One of the key differences between commercial and residential letting is that, letting agreement permitting, a supplier of commercial space is entitled to discontinue supply of utilities following any non-payment. Our prepaid meters and prepaid metering solution accommodates this by ensuring that the prepaid system is privately owned and privately managed such that tenants can only acquire credit for supply of utilities from the property owner or the designated management company.


Prepaid Meters and Metering for Rental Estate Agents

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