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  • ​New or existing developments looking to implement embedded networks.

  • Landlords that have multiple dwellings or rooms and need to bill accurately per usage.

  • Companies that provide staff accommodation and need to monitor and/or bill staff for usage.

  • Vacation property landlords like Bed & Breakfasts that want to make sure each user pays accordingly for electrical consumption.

  • Sporting facilities that monitor the usage per hour by the hour use prepaid meters to switch on and off the courts/fields according to time paid for.

  • Managing agents and letting agents that want an easy way to bill for electricity and eliminate billing and arguments about consumption.

  • Agencies and charitable organisations that help clients in need to permit them the use of specific utilities.

  • Shopping center owners/managers who want to charge for utility usage per tenancy.

  • Marinas looking to charge for utility per berth.

  • ...... amongst many more applications across industries.

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